Why You Need to Build a Chatbot Now?

If you’re not building a bot, you’re already behind the age of robots is now And the more people interact with them. The more they’ll realize the value of human-less interaction But …. What exactly is a bot? A bot is a computer program that automates certain tasks. Typically, by chatting with a user through a conversational interface, Bots plug into messaging apps, — apps that have even surpassed social media platforms in usage — and play into a larger shift were seeing in consumer behavior People shop and buy in a world of immediacy Messaging is How they communicate Having an app wont, cut it anymore. Today, half of smartphone users download a whapping zero apps per month.


Bots meet users where they already are no app download or URL necessary Thats. The superpower of bots efficiency, There’s no complicated phone menu or ill-informed service rep. By chatting in a familiar conversational interface bots ask what they need to understand and solve a problem –, nothing more! Nothing less, Then, when bots are linked with a CRM, they get even smarter leveraging past conversations to personalize their responses to your unique situation and preferences. At a time when app downloads, clickthrough rates and email efficacy are all decreasing. Bots offer businesses the opportunity to have one-to-one conversations at scale And for customers a better way to interact with brands.

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